Meet the Fast 100: Despite Silicon Valley’s allure, Houston remains a prime spot for mobile tech co.

by Joe Martin
Houston Business Journal

Voxofon LLC, a mobile communications company, continues to see rapid growth – enough for it to land on this year’s Fast 100 list– despite residing in a city not known for its software development.

The company has chosen to remain in Houston — despite frequent flights to software hubs — because of the city’s atmosphere, said Alexey Goloshubin, co-founder and CEO of Voxofon.

“I’m not sure Silicon Valley would have been best,” he told the Houston Business Journal. “There’s a lot of competition for talent.”

Goloshubin said the company’s back-end platform, named Bit6, will be a staple of its business going forward. It allows users on apps and websites to communicate without compromising personal information.

Bit6 was launched at South By Southwest this year where Goloshubin said the company would remain a part of Voxofon LLC. In the future, most of the resources will move toward the Bit6 development, he said.

“This market is just emerging. (There’s) a lot of interesting predictions from analysts and the industry,” Goloshubin said. “The main challenge we see is to go to market.”

Goloshubin declined to name any companies Voxofon is working with, but did say the health care industry could be a potential target going forward. With recent advances in telemedicine, a health system’s mobile application could feature a messaging function between doctors and patients.

Voxofon only has 10 employees, but Goloshubin predicts the technology team will double as it ramps up its business-to-business platform.