Voxofon, Video Chat App Released to Connect Facebook Friends

By Peter Bernstein

For years there has been speculation as to when video interactions would become mainstream in enterprise communications. Let’s face it, whether for intra-corporate or customer facing interactions such as employed by contact centers, real-time video interactions have been the exception rather than the rule, even as focus has been on equipping contact centers with omnichannel capabilities.

However, end users are becoming very comfortable with real-time video for their personal communications. As they use their personal devices more and more for all types of interactions, they will expect that the businesses they contact are real-time video friendly.

One company out to change how video is used in B2C interactions is mobile apps enabler Houston, Texas-based Voxofon. With the release of its, Voxofon believes it now has, “the easiest video chat app ever.” They make an interesting case; the mobile and Web video chat application enables users to connect Facebook friends via video with a touch or click., built leveraging the Bit6 communications-as-a-service applications development platform, is available for free through the Google Play and iTunes app stores. A Web-based client is available for any browser at

“ represents a leap forward in making video calls as simple as pressing a button – no more having to switch between video chat apps or trying to hunt down friends and family,” said Alexey Goloshubin, CEO/CTO at Voxofon. “Regardless of device or platform, we made simple and easy. All that users need to do is download the app, sign-in with their Facebook account, and they are ready to go. We estimate that more than 95 percent of the devices currently in use can utilize the service.”

Fast to market

Voxofon is touting the speed at which the new release is being brought to market. It notes that it leveraged the capabilities of Bit6 to develop the app in just weeks. Launched in March 2014 by Voxofon division Bit6, the communications as-a-service (CaaS) platform is designed to enable developers to easily integrate communication features into their mobile and Web apps with just a few lines of code.

“Similar to the way Google makes it easy for any mobile or Web application developer to integrate map functionality into their apps, Bit6’s easy-to-use APIs and software development kits (SDKs) enable developers to seamlessly integrate features such as voice/video calling, messaging and photo/video sharing,” said Goloshubin. “ is the first app built and powered by Bit6 in the iTunes and l2GooglePlay app stores, and there are dozens of developers in the Bit6 beta program that are working on exciting Bit6-powered apps expected to rollout throughout 2015.”

Bit6 currently has SDKs available for iOS, Android and JavaScript, connecting users, apps and devices through an ecosystem of integrated technologies. This integration includes WebRTC, SIP and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

There has always been talk about what the “killer app” for browser-based real-time video would be. A case can be made that, along with eliminating interoperability challenges, ease-of-use it such an app, and Voxofon is on the right track on this front.